“Inflammation is the word of the day on everyone’s lips, but they’re all missing the forest for the trees.”  -Harvey Bigelsen


“The cases of the IUD and the vasectomy are exceptionally remarkable!! I especially agree with [Dr. Bigelsen’s two conclusions]:  Disease is a process, and inflammation is the turning point.”

    -Norman Shealy, MD, PhD

“This is a landmark book that illustrates in simple language the progression of chronic, degenerative dis-ease and what you and your doctor should be looking for in order to be healed . . . this is generally not drugs or surgery, but gentler methods of freeing the blockages that are harboring the chronic symptoms.”

    -Dr. George J Georgiou, PhD, ND, DSc (AM)

“I spent over a year bedridden from neurological Lyme disease, which I fought for ten years.  Specialists and Universities made my condition worse.  After six months of Harvey’s therapies I have burned the wheelchair ramps at my house and love hula hoop dancing.  I am beginning to live for the first time in my life.  Thank you!”

    -Jenna F. (17 years old)

Sometimes challenging, wholly invigorating, Harvey Bigelsen asks the questions that no one in the U.S. medical establishment seems to have wondered.  Where does inflammation come from? Why are some many diseases of old age affecting people at younger and younger ages? The answers may have you canceling your annual exam.